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Pre and Post-Surgical Care in Okotoks, AB 

Pre and Post-Surgical Care in Okotoks, AB 

Whether you are about to undergo a minor or major surgery, preparation in advance of surgery and physiotherapy afterward can speed up your rehabilitation and return to your normal activity level. Pre-operative care refers to all the procedures involved in preparing a patient for surgery, such as tests and exams, adjustments to medication, physical and psychological preparation, etc. Post-surgery rehabilitation in Okotoks, AB, refers to the care patients receive after a surgical procedure.

At Dynamic Physiotherapy, we understand the significance of pre & post-surgical care in Okotoks. Physiotherapy has been found to be particularly effective before and after joint replacement surgery, rotator cuff repairs, and spinal surgery, among others. Before surgery, we will advise you on what to expect and take steps to ensure the quickest possible recovery. Afterward, we will work in conjunction with your physician to ensure your condition is managed to ensure your complete recovery.

Pre-surgical Physiotherapy Care

Proper pre-operative Physiotherapy Treatment in Okotoks is essential to ensure a successful surgery and promote a smooth recovery. Pre-surgical physiotherapy care, or prehabilitation, is mainly an exercise-based program that introduces physiotherapy before an upcoming surgery or procedure. It helps you to prepare better for your surgery and prevents complications that may occur. Pre & Post-Surgical Rehab in Okotoks is specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual patients and the type of surgery they may be having.

What Does Pre-surgical Physiotherapy Care in Okotoks Entail?

At Dynamic Physiotherapy, pre-surgical physiotherapy care typically involves a comprehensive assessment, Individualized exercise programs, pain management, education and counseling, etc.

1. Comprehensive Assessment

A thorough assessment of the patient's physical health, functional abilities, and specific surgical requirements are the first steps to take during a pre-surgical physiotherapy care session in Okotoks, AB. The assessment often involves evaluating cardiovascular fitness, pulmonary function, musculoskeletal strength, balance, and coordination, all necessary for physiotherapy.

2. Individualized Exercise Programs

Exercises are one of the major activities carried out during pre-surgery physiotherapy care. The nature of exercises performed may vary, depending on the type of surgery the patient has. 

Some of the exercises involved in pre-surgical physiotherapy care include:

  • Range of motion exercises: Range of motion exercises refers to activities that improve a specific joint's movement. Range of motion exercises improve the function and movement of a joint, increase independence, improve balance, and decrease pain. Examples of such exercises include:
  • Ankle & knee flexion and extension
  • Heel slides 
  • Long arc quads
  • Abduction adduction of hips
  • Finger & wrist flexion and extension
  • Arm & neck circles
  • Shoulder rolls, etc.

  • Strength training exercises: These activities help improve the patient’s strength in the affected areas. These exercises work the muscles by applying a resistance against which the muscles need to exert a force. Strength training exercises make patients stronger and help to build their endurance. This can be useful for their upcoming surgery. Examples of strength training exercises include: 
  • Squats
  • Use of resistance bands
  • Lunges
  • Pull-ups
  • Lifting weights, etc. 

  • Balance Exercises: Balance exercises help to improve the health and physical ability of patients awaiting surgery. Balance exercises help improve patients' ability to control their center of gravity. Examples of balance exercises include: 
  • Heel-toe walk
  • Single-leg stance
  • Tandem walk
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga, etc. 

  • Cardio Exercises: Cardio exercises are vigorous activities that improve the functions and performance of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. These exercises achieve this by challenging the most vital internal body organs. Cardio exercises improve heart health, mental health, mood, sleep, weight regulation, metabolism, and many other aspects of the health of patients awaiting surgery. Examples of cardio exercises include:
  • Bear crawls
  • Squat jumps
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Inchworms
  • High knees, etc. 

Physiotherapy exercises are essential pre & post-surgery in Okotoks. They strengthen you and ensure that you are back to your feet after a major surgery in no time.

3. Pain Management

Physiotherapists may work closely with the surgical team to develop strategies for effective pain management. Techniques such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), manual therapy, and therapeutic exercises can help to mitigate pain and improve the comfort of the patient after surgery.

4. Education and Counselling

Pre-surgical physiotherapy care does not end with exercises and physical activities. It also involves providing patients with information about the surgical process, expected recovery trajectory, and self-management strategies. At Dynamic Physiotherapy, we educate our patients about postoperative precautions, wound care, and the importance of adherence to the exercise program.

What are the Benefits of Pre-surgical Physiotherapy Care?

Several benefits are attached to choosing Pre-surgical physiotherapy care in Okotoks, AB. Some of these include:

  • It improves surgical outcomes by reducing postoperative complications and decreasing the duration of hospital stay after surgery.
  • It helps you regain functional independence faster and enhances your overall quality of life. 
  • Pre-surgical physiotherapy care potentially reduces healthcare costs.
  • It reduces pain and increases endurance.
  • It improves your range of motion and flexibility after surgery.

How long does pre-surgical physiotherapy last?

The duration of pre-surgical physiotherapy care varies, depending on the severity and type of surgery to be carried out. Typically, most patients will receive pre-surgical physiotherapy for about two to four weeks before their surgery.

Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Care

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in Okotoks, also known as Postoperative rehabilitation, is performed after surgery. It is an essential part of recovery after a successful surgical procedure. Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in Okotoks aims to restore physical function, promote healing, and help you return to preoperative levels of activity and independence as soon as possible.

What does post-surgical physiotherapy Care in Okotoks Entail?

The components of post-surgery rehabilitation in Okotoks are similar to those of pre-surgical physiotherapy. However, the components of post-surgical physiotherapy care are geared toward helping you recover from surgery and return to your daily activities as soon as possible. Components of post-surgical physiotherapy include assessment and goal setting, individualized rehabilitation programs, pain management techniques, mobility and strength training, education and counseling, etc.

During your Post-surgery rehabilitation in Okotoks, your physiotherapist will assess you thoroughly and discuss your goals for physiotherapy. The assessment results will be used to create individualized rehabilitation programs that address the problems you might be experiencing. Your physiotherapist may use pain management techniques to reduce pain, inflammation, or swelling. To optimize your recovery and prevent re-injury, your physiotherapist will provide guidance on proper body mechanics, home exercise programs, activity modification, and self-management strategies.

What are the Benefits of Post-surgical Physiotherapy Care?

Undergoing post-surgery rehabilitation in Okotoks, AB, comes with some benefits. Some of these include:

  • It restores physical function, helping you to regain strength, mobility, and independence.
  • It prevents secondary complications that are associated with surgery and immobility. 
  • It improves circulation and respiratory function.
  • It enhances psychological well-being.
  • It reduces the pain, inflammation, and swelling that may come with a surgical procedure.

How long does pre-surgical physiotherapy last?

This is largely dependent on the type of surgery and the level of response to treatment that an individual. Most people receive post-surgical physiotherapy for about 4 to 6 weeks after their surgery.

Why does Pre & Post-operative Physiotherapy in Okotoks matter?

Pre & Post-operative physiotherapy treatment in Okotoks plays a significant role in the success of surgical operations. The reasons why you should consider going for physiotherapy care, Pre & Post Surgery in Okotoks include:

  • It enhances physical fitness and surgical outcomes.
  • It reduces and prevents complications.
  • It accelerates recovery and promotes healing.
  • It increases endurance and helps to manage pain.
  • It enhances the overall quality of life. 

These and many more are reasons why Pre & Post-surgical care in Okotoks is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does Pre-surgical Testing Take?

The duration of pre-surgical testing varies depending on several factors, such as type and requirement of surgery, health condition of the patient, etc. With these factors in mind, the duration of pre-surgical testing can range from a few hours to several weeks.

Why Pre & Post Operative Physiotherapy Is Important?

Pre and post-operative physiotherapy in Okotoks is important because it optimizes surgical outcomes, enhances recovery, restores physical function, and prevents complications. It ensures that patients are physically and mentally sound and ready before and after surgery.

What Is Pre And Post-Operative Physiotherapy?

Pre and post-operative physiotherapy treatment in Okotoks, AB, are specialized therapy forms provided before and after surgical procedures. Pre-operative physiotherapy prepares individuals for surgery, while post-operative physiotherapy aims to restore physical function and promote healing after surgery.

Why Is Physiotherapy Important For Recovery?

Physiotherapy is important for recovery because it helps to restore physical function, mobility, and strength after an injury, illness, or surgery. Surgeries may be very expensive; however, Physiotherapy helps you to save money by promoting healing, managing pain, preventing complications, and improving the overall quality of life after surgery.


Whether you're preparing for surgery or undergoing rehabilitation after a procedure, the dedicated team of physiotherapists in Dynamic Physiotherapy is here to support you every step of the way. We aim to help you restore function, manage pain, prevent complications, regain independence, and achieve the best possible outcome after your surgical procedure. We aim to achieve this through individualized exercise programs, pain management techniques, education and counseling, and other services. Pre & Post-surgical Rehab in Okotoks is essential for smooth recovery.

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