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We understand that individual circumstance may make attending the clinic in person not possible.  We offer Tele-Health sessions that allow for you to receive the personalized care and treatment that you have come to expect at Dynamic, but from the comforts of you own home.

Tele-Health is live, face to face contact between one of our therapists and you.

Our therapist will send you a link, allowing you to quickly download the free Physitrack Tele-Health app on your phone or tablet.  

Physitrack is the world leader in patient engagements and a few of its benefits include;

- Therapists can create CUSTOMIZED exercise programs - with professional narrated video demonstration of all exercises, to ensure proper form. 

- Therapists are able to provide personalized education.  Heat vs Ice, positioning and ergonomics, using braces, self massage and myofascial release techniques etc.

- Ability to stay connected with your therapist.  Therapist can track your progress and make changes in real time.

Contact our office today to discuss if you would benefit from Tele-Health.