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"Kelli and the team have been phenomenal... the atmosphere at Dynamic has blown expectations away.... definitely chose the group at Dynamic!"

-         Laski C.


"After a few treatments, I had full mobility and after a few more I got the strength back that I had lost. If I ever need physio treatment again, I will definitely go back to Dynamic Physiotherapy."

-         Steve P.

"Dynamic Physiotherapy cured my painful plantar fasciitis in just a few short sessions!

I found the staff extremely knowledgeable and professional, the location convenient and the office hours fit my schedule. I have recommended Dynamic Physiotherapy to friends and family and I will definitely go back myself if needed."

-        Jeff D.

"All of the staff at Dynamic are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.  Dynamic Physio in Okotoks is second to none. I would recommend them to anyone."

-        Robin R.

"Thank you all for making a sometimes quite painfull process, manageable and even fun. This is a wonderful clinic, with knowledgeable people."

-       Teresa C.

"I have been coming to Dynamic Physiotherapy for almost 10 years now and wouldn't consider going anywhere else.  The environment is calming, the staff are friendly and knowledgable and the direct billing to insurance makes it all very easy. I would definitely recommend Dynamic Physiotherapy to anyone!"

-        Jackie L.

"The staff are fantastic!! I love that they have direct billing. I am always well taken care of when I get my treatment. Highly recommend!"

-     Christine M.

"The staff here are great! They really helped my chronic neck pain and were so friendly the times I was there. Would definitely recommend!"

-        Michelle S.

“They involved me in the process of helping myself, and I appreciated that. Between the treatments I received at the clinic and my home exercise program.  Thank-you for the great care!”

-         Burt M.


“After just one treatment that awful stabbing pain in my heel in the morning was already cut in half! After only two more treatments my pain was totally gone.  Thank you for giving me back my life!”

-         Clara K.

“I was absolutely blown away with Kelli!  In under a week I had full movement back”

-         Janet C.

"I've found them to be professional but friendly, and they make my regular visits enjoyable.  I highly recommend Dynamic Physiotherapy"

-       Chris T.

"Very knowledeable and helpful staff.  Definitely recommend this office to everyone I know"

-     Tim A.

"This team is amazing!  It feels like I have known them for years.  I would highly recommend Dynamic Physiotherapy"

-     K.G.

"..."this is a Physio House of Serious Talent!

-     Jay B.

"Afton, Kelli, and all the staff are the greatest!  They have helped me so much with pains I've had for years."

-     GL D.

"Great people who really care about your well-being."

-     Elgene T.

"...very personable and takes a genuine interest in the discussions that you have with him and he makes things right with your pain!"

-     Ray G.

"Good, knowledgeable staff who are friendly and professional."

-     John W.

"Steve @ Dynamic Physiotherapy and his team eliminated the problem I had experienced for years after 3 visits.  There's no one else I would ever go and see..."

-     Sean C.

"The staff are accommodating, knowledgeable and professional.  I highly recommend this clinic to many friends and family..."

-     Marci L.

"This clinic does a great job in caring for athletes.  I would recommend this clinic for anyone who is lookinf for treatment"

-     Tami A.

"The treatment was awesome.  Dr Hansen was able to get everythiing moving again and really saved my weekend.  I will definitely come back to Dynamic..."

-     Ryan K.

"The staff at Dynamic are the very best at what they do and the knowledge they possess is outsanding...In my opiniion the very best physical therapist in the Okotoks area."

-     D.Z.