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Physiotherapy in Okotoks
The physiotherapists(alternatively referred to as Physical Therapists) at Dynamic Physiotherapy in Okotoks are university trained primary health care professionals who have extensive knowledge of the body’s movement and function.

As a company, we promote life-long learning and upgrading of skills. Our physiotherapists are continually taking post-graduate courses to further their training and skills.  This knowledge and expanded skill set allows our therapists to offer treatment options that are not available at all physiotherapy clinics.

Our physiotherapists treat and manage acute injuries such as ankle sprains, low back pain and painful shoulders as well as chronic conditions such as sciatica, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.  They have vast experience treating elite athletes, weekend warrriors, children, and the elderly.

At your initial visit our therapist will perform a thorough assessment.  This will begin with them asking you about your current symptoms and medical history.  This is your opportunity to communicate to your therapist what your primary concerns and goals are.  At Dynamic Physiotherapy we understand that every patient is unique, and that every treatment plan must be tailored to the individual patient.  Once an assessment has been complete your therapist will communicate the findings to you and discuss treatment options with you.  Treatments may include  a combination of patient education, hands on manual techniques, electrotherapeutic modalities such as ultrasound and  (TENS), exercise prescriptions, therapeutic taping and more.

All physical therapy appointments are scheduled to ensure that patients have dedicated one on one time with their therapist; ensuring that patients have the opportunity to communicate their symtpoms and goals.  

Most patients will be given a home exercise program; allowing them to be active in their own rehabilitation.  All exercise programs are demonstrated and practiced in the clinic.  Patients then receive an email containing video demonstrations of their exercise program so that proper technique can be maintained.

Dynamic Physiotherapy makes accessing your physiotherapy benefits in your private health care plan easy by offering DIRECT BILLING SERVICES. Simply bring your health care plan card to your first visit and our staff will determine if your plan is eligible for direct billing services.  We currently offer direct billing services for the following insurers;

Great West Life

Alberta Blue Cross


Sun Life Financial

Green Shield Canada

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan

Johnson Insurance

Standard Life

And several more.....

Dynamic Physiotherapists are knowledgable and skilled - but more importantly they care.